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Grumpy Old Windows – A Renovator’s Nightmare

Grumpy Old Windows– A Renovator’s Nightmare. Workers of Renovating LA, a Los Angeles-based window replacment guy, work dangerously on three casement windows inside the room of a Los Angeles home for the elderly. An exorcist has been called to help out.

Even if they tried with all their might, Mo, Harry and Joe could not keep the windows from slamming their casements like they were drumsticks. Fr. Adrian Brodie, the parish priest of the nearby temple, tried to douse the spirited windows with one liter of holy water – but it simply didn’t work.

What could be wrong?

The movie Grumpy Old Windows takes off from the genre of classic horrors like The Exorcist. But it does more than scare, it actually takes a look at the psychology of a grumpy old man and his quest for recognition inside a Los Angeles home for the elderly, from beyond the grave.

Grumpy Old Windows takes you through the dynamics of a Los Angeles home for the elderly, and how vinyl casement windows have come to represent the cycle of human life – from birth and beauty to grumpiness and senility. The story revolves around Homer, a former insurance salesman who got booted out of his own insurance company by his own son, and who was forced into the home for the elderly after falling from grace.

Thought provoking sometimes but scary all throughout, Grumpy Old Windows is a must-see for movie-philes looking for a great scare. It is also a great education resource on replacement windows and the city of Los Angeles and how they are different from new windows. Throughout the movie you can feel the power of wooden windows to beautify an otherwise bland and antiseptic-looking building.

Grumpy Old Windows is a must-see work of art. That is, after we get around to actually filming it.

We used the Renovating LA Los Angeles, California Remodeling Construction Site without their permission hopefully they will not get mad.


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