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About Danny and Fred Wilson – Future Movie Producers

Our names are Danny Wilson and Fred Wilson. We are basically just kids, except that we don’t anymore pee in our pants and wet our beds at night.  

We’re both in seventh grade and in case you were wondering, we are not brothers. We grew up together as cousins. Our fathers Thomas and Jerry were actually twins who did everything together, from selling different types of insurance together on twin sales calls to raising their kids in the same neighborhood. So it’s not surprising that we are close and we look very much alike (people actually confuse us with each other).

Growing up in the same neighborhood meant that we watched the same Barney shows that our fathers made us watch. We never really liked Barney because he was too much of a mascot for toddlers (but don’t tell our dads or you’ll hurt their feelings). We did like to watch Indiana Jones over and over again. And we love watch Johnny Depp on Pirates of the Caribbean too.

That’s how we came to love the movies, through Indiana Jones and the Pirates sailing in the Caribbean. If there’s something we would like to do when we’re old enough to get our driver’s license, it is to get a loan and produce the movies that we’ve written on this website. But we don’t just want to do any other movie, we want to make unique movies on topics most people don’t know about, like the Paraiba tourmaline or even insurance (our dads would be proud).

We know we can give Steven Spielberg a run for his money with our unique movie plots. Now if only we’re already old enough not to be harassed about our assignments, we’d all be filming our movies now. And you’d all be enjoying them too.


This site is run by Danny and Fred Wilson future producers of many entertaining films, shows and movies.

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